Voluminous Hair, This Way Please! John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Finding the right product for your desired hairstyle can be tricky, with the astonishing amount of brands and products up for grabs at your local drugstore. I recently got to know the new John Frieda Luxurious Volume line, and I just need to tell you about mister Frieda’s styling products, especially designed for that extra va-va-voom.
Fine to Full Blow-Out SprayThe Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray does exactly what its name led you to believe – it contains a mixture of polymers that get activated by the heath of your blow dryer, which gives body and volume to your hair. It’s science! I found this product to be light, it didn’t make my hair heavy nor did it speed up the process of greasiness.  
Volume Refresh Dry ShampooAhh the holy grail of styling products – well, at least for me and my locks. It might be advertised as the quick solution for slightly greasy hair that’s in-between washes, but I often use it right after having washed my locks – I think it gives great volume and texture, making the hair easier to style. A classic pony tail seems so much more put together when prepping your hair with the dry shampoo first. A little tousling, a little teasing, et voila, instant va-va-volume.
Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster Get back to your roots by spraying some of this product on your towel-dry hair. This magic potion lifts the roots of your hair, making your luscious locks feel and look fuller. It also contains a heat protection formula, which is always a plus, especially when you’re knees deep in styling tools to achieve that perfect loose wave! Find my easy loose wave tutorial here.
All-Day Hold Hairspray At this point your hair is looking deliciously big, and of course you want this to last as long as possible. I often hear about girls spending hours of time in the bathroom trying to create the perfect amount volume, which falls flat to their faces after a minute or so. Cue the All-day Hold Hairspray, which will make sure your hairstyle keeps in place throughout the day. Lightweight and boosting, this one’s a keeper!

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