Maison Louise Collection

Maison Louise Collection, headbands that are lovingly familiar and wildly innovative at the same time. The macramé parts remind me of those good old friendship bracelets, while the headband can be adjusted to fit all. I used to love these types of headbands but shunned them because of their uncomfortable fit around my (big?) head, but this Maison Louise Collection headband fits perfectly, and I can manage wearing it a full day without even noticing I have it on. This piece from the new ‘Bling Flamingos’ summer collection will undoubtedly find itself becoming a summer staple in the warmer months to come. 
Maison Louise Collection is a relatively new kid on the blog, as the label first saw the light of day in June 2013 – boss lady Florence started making her lovely creations just for herself and her girlfriends, but quickly everybody wanted a piece of the pie! And the great thing is: everything is a 100% Belgian!
I can totally see myself rocking this headband on various music festivals, paired with denim cut-offs and a band shirt, and I am certain it will even look awesomely appropriate above a cute crème dress at a Summer wedding. 
For more information on Maison Louise Collection, visit their facebook page.
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