The past days I was on house arrest, stuck within the confines of my house like a proper hermit. Reason for my absence in the outside world: recovery. In sickness and in health, I vowed when starting this blog, so hopefully you haven’t really noticed a lack of posts. Stomach ache, the flue or an extensive headache that ties us to our beds is something we unfortunately all encounter one time or another. The first couple of days, literally the only thing on my mind was trying not to leave a trail of bodily fluids (pretty gross, yes), but after the worst had passed, I couldn’t wait to wear my cosiest pair of leggings and the softest cashmere sweater in my closet, and lounge around the house watching episodes of my favourite shows while – carefully – sipping on healthy juices. Tell me, what do you prefer to wear when you’re feeling under the weather? Tips to make recovery more fun and fashionably? Do share – I’m back to my 108th viewing of Gossip Girl. Stay healthy! 
American Apparel hoodie / Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream / Classic grey UGG boots / Cold pressed juice, order online from JusJus / Diptyque scented candle / Soft plaid / Mulberry notebook / Society6 pillow / Sex and the City and Pretty Little Liars DVD boxes / Wildfox PJ set and sleeping mask.