Shopping at Home with Zalando


If there’s one online shop that ranks high on my list of daily visits, it must be Zalando. I bet you all know the website by now – I professed my love for their amazingly broad range of brands many, many times before. Constantly trying to improve their service, Zalando now offers its customers the chance to contemplate every purchase by extending its returns policy from 30 to 100 days. Read: you can get lost in the moment or give in to emotional online shopping without ever having to feel guilty or be stuck with tons of not-quite items. Both shipping and returning items are free of charge and supereasy, so you won’t have to experience that dreaded whatthehellwasIthinking-syndrome when opening your packages.
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The multibrand boutique asked me to try out this new and improved service, jot down my thoughts on it and share my experience with my lovely readers. So here is an extensive photo report of how it all went down after the mailman delivered my package (in less than three days by the way, props for that!).
The thing I find most difficult when shopping on Zalando is finding my way through those thousands of items – believe me, it can be quite the task to browse the shop when you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for. I was in the market for some spring-proof dresses in cute colours so I clicked around the dresses section and stumbled upon this great Supertrash wrap dress in a flamingo pink. Not quite sure if the colour would suit my skin tone, I hesitantly clicked the garment into my shopping bag before realizing that shopping on Zalando is as risk-free as it gets. Turns out the dress is a really flattering pink, and the cut is also great, so I might just add this one to my closet for realz.
The nude pumps in a patent leather are a classic you can’t go wrong with, but finding the right shoe size is always a bit of a hassle for me. I’m usually between a size 36 and 37, and ordering open shoes without having tried them on is always risky business for me. But no more, thanks to Zalando’s service!

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I loved trying everything on in my living room, getting to pair my new acquisitions with treasures already in my closet. That’s probably the thing I dig most about this new return policy: the freedom and the time and space to combine everything with everything, until you’re absolutely sure of the pieces you’ve just ordered. What I wonder though is how this hundred day return policy will work for them – aren’t people just going to order, wear for 99 days and return? I know I wouldn’t like to be the one ordering the product someone kept in his or her home for that long a time. But I guess Zalando’s return policy might be very strict on that one, so that’s good.This endeavor encouraged me to select a few interesting pieces, things that I would probably never order if the return process wasn’t as easy or free. Exhibit A: these very sparkly trousers by French Connection. They are all kinds of cool, unusual and interesting, but they are hardly timeless. These types of garments (ie. with a lot of sequins) can be tricky to order online, as the quality needs to be really good for it to look pretty. These pants are very well-made and will definitely be the life of the party next weekend! The slip-ons are by Italian shoe brand Ash and are extremely on-trend. I love their thick sole and pinkish leopard spots.

And of course the best thing about getting to try everything on extensively are FITTING ROOM SELFIES!

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Did you enjoy reading about my time with Zalando? Have you visited the webshop and experienced its return policy before? Please note that all of the above are my own opinions – I was merely asked to document my experiences, as positive or negative they’d be. And I can honestly say that Zalando offers GREAT service to its customers, so I’m positive all the way! Oh and ps: keep in touch with my Twitter account for the next few days to be the first to know about an awesome give-away coming up.