Bloggers gone Bradshaw

Ahh good old Carrie Bradshaw. The woman who made smoking out of her Manhattan window while wearing a scrunchie cool, who taught us it’s better to collect Manolo’s than men, who couldn’t help but wonder… About love, sex, men, friends and fashion. Seriously, Carrie’s column would be the first thing I’d read at the brunch table on Sunday. But Miss Bradshaw is, how sad it is to admit and how old it makes us feel, a relic from the past. Move over Bradshaw, these bloggers are taking your place on the bestseller lists.

Sofie Valkiers – Little Black Book
Belgian blogger Sofie penned down her stylish thoughts, created mood boards and collages and lets us have a peek into her fashionable lifestyle. Her Little Black Book is a collection of fashion adventures, beauty tips and shopping places. Basically the paper version of her blog Fashionata.

The Man Repeller – Seeking Love, Finding Overalls
Although I think Leandra is much more a Miranda than a Carrie at heart, her fashion sense is probably the closest to the original Sex and the City style we’ve come to love so much. A true New Yorker, Leandra Medine has sassy written all over. She’s quirky and opinionated, which translates into her bundle of essays Seeking Love, Finding Overalls.

Emily Schuman – Cupcakes & Cashmere
We can’t all be Charlotte Yorks, but luckily misses Emily, the brains behind the pretty blog Cashmere and Cupcakes, shares her insights on defining style, reinventing space, and entertaining with ease. She goes into detail on how to style your outfits from cubicle to club, how to get the most out of your living space and how to pimp your glass of champagne (with floral ice cubes, fyi). I heard the book is a tad too Bree Vandekamp, but it looks pretty and might be the perfect gift to give to girlfriends who are moving in with their bf’s.

Alexandra Pereira Romero – The World of Lovely Pepa
The book is a round-up of all things in the world of Lovely Pepa – shocker! The Spanish blogger writes about her childhood, how she started blogging (things that can be very interesting and inspirational to read imo), but also addresses the art of packing your luggage and organizing your closet.

Chiara Ferragni – The Blonde Salad
Italian it-girl Chiara launched her book in late 2013. The piece of literature is described by her as “a manual of style tips, full of advice to be effortlessly chic in every occasion but also a selection of my favourite looks and photos.” An insightful read or just a print-out of her blog? I can’t tell, as the book is only still available in Italian (and my knowledge of Italian is limited to ciao bello!).

I would love to hear your thoughts on bloggers who move from blogs to books – something that can be a  bit of a tricky move in my opinion. Books that are just a round-up of an existing blog aren’t really my cup of tea, as I often find that the content created for those blogs isn’t always as suitable for a book in the long run. Thoughts? Recommendations?

  Next time: a list of enjoyable reads by fashion insiders.