Smokey Eyes and Wings

There’s no end to the ways you can do your makeup. Some methods will stand out above others as fashion changes. The styles coming in for 2014 will be familiar to those who kept an eye on the late nineties: smokey eyes and wings. Here are some tips for getting your style just right for the coming year.

Heavy eyeshadow can go very right or very wrong. Success comes down to consistency. You want as even an application as possible. Using a cosmetic airbrush can make this a lot more possible. Airbrushes are can reliably deliver a clear coat of cosmetics as long as you have a steady hand. It beats trying to use a brush over a broad area.

Getting the perfect wingtip with your eyeshadow is difficult. Making it visible without over-pronouncing it is the primary challenge. The solution is to measure an even distance with your forefinger’s nail. Closing your eye, carefully place your nail adjacent to the corner of your eye and place a dot on the opposite edge. Use this as a guide to make a wingtip from the top of your eyeshadow application and the dot in a triangle.

The last tip is that colors are in. Don’t be afraid to liven up the standby green and purples; it’s not a bad thing if they get noticed.

Keeping on top of the latest styles doesn’t have to be a burden. Do what you can to make things easier for yourself and you’ll find it’s easy to stay fashionable on a budget.