Stripes on Top

The striped top: a consistent factor in my wardrobe. They get me from winter to summer and back, work with neutrals but also with other patterns, leopard prints and bright colours and they give every single outfit that certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Yep, I’m a fan of the breton top. Petit Bateau makes a mean one, but a good striped top is also easy to find on the highstreet. I’m betting you already have one in your closet right now. Here’s some inspiration on how to wear your stripes.

with denim cut-offs

dogsanddresses_inspo_breton_1 dogsanddresses_inspo_bretonetonshirt_2 dogsanddresses_inspo_bretonshirt_4

Stripes and denim shorts: undoubtedly my favourite combo. Chic, simple, effortless: this is probably my go-to look in summer. Trade in your quarter length sleeve for a loose top or crop, pair it with a delicate lace bra peeking out and get your hair up in a messy bun or down in waves. California cool!

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with leather bottoms

dogsanddresses_inspp_bretonshirt_3 dogsanddresses_inspo_bretonshier_5

Leather skirts, shorts or trousers: every single piece looks better when paired with stripes. A leather piece can be too tough, but a striped top opens up the outfit and makes it more accessible for everyday wear. I also love a dressy skirt or dress with a casual stripey top thrown over. Do try this at home!

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with leopard prints

dogsanddresses_inspo_bretonshirt_6 dogsanddresses_inspo_bretonshirt_7

Rawrr – a good print clash is always a win. Soften your leopard look by paired it with a stripey piece. Other animal prints such as zebra or python also work well with a horizontal line.

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