5 Shows to Watch this Summer

The only thing I tend to miss in summer and sometimes long for when weather isn’t all that great, are my favourite tv shows. The regulars mostly take a hiatus in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean the summer programming doesn’t have some serial gems on its own. I selected five brand new tv shows that are just starting to air and are a must to watch on rainy summer days. Read on to see my selection

The Leftovers

Brought to us by the director of Lost (a show I’ve admittedly never seen) comes The Leftovers. After 2 percent of the world’s population vanishes in thin air, a lot of weird stuff starts to happen. Staring Justin Theroux (mr. Jennifer Aniston), this is already the most talked about show of the summer.

Girl meets world

Who still remembers Cory and Topanga? If the 90’s were the décor to your tween years, you probably watched Boy Meets World. The summer of ’14 brings us Girl Meets World, which centers on Riley, daughter of teen couple Cory and Topanga. This Disney series probably aims for a younger public than its male version did back then, but it’s still a good pick to watch on dreary Sundays.


Halle Berry plays an astronaut who comes home from a 13-month solo space mission to find out that she’s pregnant—and nobody has an idea how that happened, because, well, space… Aliens, robots and apocalypses: this sounds like one intriguing show. Better stock up on milky ways.

Silicon Valley

This sitcom zooms in on six programmers who try to make it Steve Jobs-style. Season 1 has already aired so feel free to binge-watch this one. Season 2 is confirmed and coming our way soon.

Halt and Catch Fire

Set in the 1980s, Halt and Catch Fire follows a technology visionary who teams up with an engineer and a prodigy to revolutionize the business that eventually became a pretty big deal. The computer business, that is. I look forward to see how the show focusses around one of the biggest evolutions in contemporary history.

Have any shows to add to that list? Share them below!