Hair How-To: Braids & Loose Curls

dogsanddresses_festival_frenchconnection_curls-15Gossip Girl Serena Van Der Woodsen has been my hair envy for parties and special occasion updo’s since forever (this hairstyle for example, umpff, too pretty!). But when it comes to trying out different do’s, I’m superlazy – usually it doesn’t get better than either loose locks or a strategically placed bobby pin. So when I got the chance to have my hair did by a professional hair stylist  I jumped on it. Turns out this loose curl/braid crown style is really easy to do yourself. Here’s how!

  • Wash your hair with a thickening volume shampoo.
    I prefer Redken Body Full shampoo and conditioner.
  • Add some styling spray for extra body, try John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Booster.
  • Curl your hair in loose waves with a curling wand. Follow this tutorial.
  • Let your waves cool off and comb through them with a wide brush.
  • Add hairspray to fixate.
  • Take two strands of hair starting from the front of your head.
    Divide both parts into three and make a braid while pulling your hair to the back of the head.
  • Tie both braids together with a tiny hair band.
    Wrap both ends around the head and fasten with bobypins in the same colour as your hair.
  • Run hands through hair and pull a few strands to create a messy look.

Taduuum: messy curl/braid updo accomplished!