How to Gain Traffic Through Facebook

Have you been wondering how to gain more traffic from your facebook page to your blog? We took a look at some of the most clicked-on content on facebook pages, dissected them and turned them into useful tricks to try yourself.

Pick your words carefully

Entice ‘em with your words. Use words and sayings that your target group can relate to – but don’t overdo it on the ‘fancy smancy’ words or hipster vocab. “Hi fellow fashionista’s, take a look at my trendy and chic outfit of the day” won’t get my heart beating faster, so try coming up with interesting sentences and use a more individual approach.


Curiosity might kill the cat, but it can do wonders for your blog. Usually people are mindlessly scrolling through their facebook feed when they come across your page post, so you want to grab their attention and make them click. Use captions that make people want to know what happens next. For example: “See what happens when I let loose in the Zara sale” or “You won’t believe this trend”.

Let me blow your mind

The promise of a big reveal or mindblowing information will speed up clicks. Keep in mind that your content should live up to its tag if you want your audience to come back – so use this tactic sparingly and only when things are really worth the click. Otherwise your following might call you out as a drama queen.

Something old, something new

Talk about something your audience knows, but give it a new spin. A personal touch, the reliable factor that your trusty readers have come to know and love, should be present. For example: blog about a trend that most of your readers know, but shed a different light on it. How to perfectly distress those denim cut-offs using kitchen tools, how to style your locks into perfect beach waves without using heat, …

Exciting Excerpt

Use a quote or sentence from your blog content to caption the facebook link with. This way, your readers immediately get a taste of the good stuff – keep in mind that you don’t send out the core essentials of your post though.

Don’t give it all away at once

If you’re posting about your new handbag or new outfit, you probably don’t want to add a photo displaying the entire thing at once. Why would people want to click on over to your blog if they can see everything on facebook? Keep some mystery on your social media pages, tease, play hard to get and eventually you’ll get the traffic you want.

Create awesome content

The most important guideline to follow. Good content will have your readers liking and/or sharing your posts, gaining more exposure and traffic towards your blog.

What are your experiences with traffic via Facebook? It is super interesting to keep track of the types of posts that you click on while on Facebook!