Jet Set Go!

A lovely day spent designer shopping at an enormous outlet village is worth sharing – so here’s my recap of an afternoon of designer delights, at highly discounted prices! I didn’t get myself another chic handbag this time around, but I did browse the shops in Designer Outlet Roermond for the perfect suitcase. I have a few trips coming up and was still looking for that one awesome travel companion; and I think I found it. Jet? Set? Go!

My pro tip when it comes to travel gear: get yourself to Designer Outlet Roermond and pick out your favourite suitcases from the numerous travel brands. At a fraction of the retail price, why wouldn’t you stock up on handy carry-alls? There’s a Samsonite store, a Tumi shop, MGM has amazing weekenders and how awesome would a roomy tote bag by Prada look on your arm? I chose a bright yellow Samsonite suitcase because nothing is worse than starting your vacay waiting for your stuff to roll by on the airport’s bandwagon. A pop of colour makes your suitcase easy to recognize, and this yellow makes it feel like you’re taking a piece of sunshine with you.

Summer plans? Designer shopping is one of them!

Jetsetting in la douce France? The town of Roubaix, which is 15 minutes from Lille, holds a true treasure: a Designer Outlet with names such as Maje, Zadig & Voltaire and Petit Bateau amongst the inhabitants. When you have a few hours to kill in Paris, add Troyes to that GPS and drive to another amazing Designer Outlet center.

Plans to visit dolce Firenze? Why not stop by Designer Outlet Barberino while you’re at it? Adorn yourself with those typical Italian high fashion brands at -70% discounts! From Prada over Pinko to Trussardi: Barberino holds some true Italian fashion culture.

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