Life Feed #17: Loving Lately

Remember those Life Feed posts I used to do back in the day? Those were pretty fun to compile and, based on your comments, fun to read as well. So why not start posting bits and pieces of my daily life again? Let’s take a look at this week’s round-up: bed, bath and beyond.

Molton Brown Body Wash

Ever since getting this shower gel, I’ve been taking baths on the daily. The scent of this small bottle is D-I-V-I-N-E, like pretty much every scent Molton Brown offers. I swear, this Black Peppercorn body wash is the best! I got it as a treat during this year’s Regent Tweet, but I’m ordering another bottle as soon as I’m done with this one.

ZARA Cheerleader t-shirt

A little something I picked up at the online sale section of Zara. I must admit, I’m one of those gals that logs onto the site at 12AM on the first day of the sales. It’s just that most physical Zara stores are always such a crime scene during sales. Not the recently renewed Zara Hasselt though, that place is the Grand Central Station when it comes to sale hunting in peace!

Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub

When Mr. Bean wrote an email asking if I wanted to try out his (?) latest skincare product, I had a hard time not thinking about this guy – but this Mr. Bean is an Australian brand that produces the best dry scrubs in the best packaging. I am currently testing out the coffee scrub with mandarin, and although the scent is something to get used to (coffee coffee coffee), the scrub itself leaves my skin silky smooth and ready to moisturize. Check out the Mr. Bean range here.

Starbucks Discoveries

Since we’re already talking coffee: Starbucks comes with a new range of tasty coffee blends, ready-to-drink and available in your local supermarket. These cold coffee-flavoured drinks are the perfect alternative in summer, and I love the fact that Starbucks teamed up with hottie blogger Emma Gelaude to promote the new flavours. My favourite? The caramel one of course!