Bags Packed, Ready for Barcelona

Ola guapas! I just touched base on Spanish grounds for a visit to Barcelona. Boyfriend and I contemplated going on an all-in resort holiday, but since we’re both keen on exploring new places and having the freedom to travel around, we opted for a 5-day trip to the Catalonian city instead. I’ve visited Barcelona a few times before, but am excited to be here by the two of us. So aim all those awesome hotspots, delicious places to eat and major must-visits this a-way: we can’t wait to check them out!

Thanks to Dutch webshop BagageOnline I got to stuff this Eastpak trolley with my cutest summer dresses to parade around the city. This particular stroller is the Eastpak Tranverz XS in safari – the cute leopard spots give your suitcase a personal touch and the size is just perfect to use as a carry-on on the plane! I just hope all my Barcelonian purchases will fit in it when we’re ready to come home ;)

dogsanddresses_travel_barcelona_suitcase-C dogsanddresses_travel_barcelona_suitcase-B dogsanddresses_travel_barcelona_suitcase-D