Why Today is the Perfect Time to Stop Shopping

So you’ve decided to intercalate a break from shopping – good for you! Whether you’re doing it because you already have too many clothes, are forced by the state of your bank account or just for the thrills of it: the time is now to slow down on collecting and start loving the things you already own!

Start now: no better time to take a break than August. Summer sales are over and you’ve been there, done that. You had your chance to hunt down those sale bargains, and if you’re anything like me, you probably took advantage of those percentage signs and stocked up on new stuff. Whether you needed it or not, your new goods are now hanging in your closet and their price tag has done its damage on your bank account. Or in my case: you swiped that credit card way too eager, and will follow the consequences of your enthusiastic actions in the upcoming month.

August is also the best month to enrol yourself into a shop stop because, how enticing new collections may be, it’s still too hot to adorn yourself in thick knitted vests, buttery soft leather jackets and furry parkas. So get that autumn wear out of your system and focus on those summerproof pieces already present in your wardrobe.

1. Sign out

Most of my online shopping is induced by those fun, colourful and perky emails that fill up my mailbox and try to seduce me with words like: sale, exclusive, just for you, new in, must-have… I can’t tell you how often I click on them, sort through a dozen of virtual garments and fill up a shopping basket. More often than not I just leave everything in the cart and exit the store without looking back, but when there’s a 20% discount on the new collection or an offer for free shipping, things can get a little blurry before my eyes, only to find I have clicked ‘place order’ moments later. So for now, sign out of those newsletters (there should always be a sign out-option at the bottom of every mailing) and avoid the seduction.

2. Get your rush from somewhere else

I find it hard to admit but when I have my eyes on a really good bargain, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Yep, I am a victim of bargain hunting, and can’t help but get really excited when I’m about to score the deal of a lifetime. So divert your shopping rush to somewhere else – go for a run whenever you feel like compulsory clicking on your computer, meet up with friends for a drink or reorganize your book shelf.

3. Clean out your closet

No better time than the present to clean out your closet, re-evaluating everything you already own. I bet by now you know how to make 3 piles – keep / toss / donate, but if you really have some spare time left, you may want to photograph your items separately, come up with different combinations and really get inspired by the contents of your wardrobe.

4. DI-why?

After minimizing your wardrobe into three piles of fabric, look for those ‘almost-but-not-quite’-garments that you once loved but for some reason never really wore. A pair of trousers that is too long, a wash that seems dated, a t-shirt with a great print but awkward fit… Turn them into awesome new stuff by applying a little DIY magic! Seam a hem, cut off jeans into denim shorts, shred, rip, dye and let your imagination run wild: you may find yourself with some oldies but now goodies after!

5. Go on a holiday

Another reason why August is a great time to get the Shop Stop ball rolling is because of holidays! You booked an exotic two-week getaway on an idyllic island far from western society? Good for you! The seductive whispers from the high street won’t reach you there, and chances are small you have the need to check up on Net-a-Porter while lounging under a palm tree. If you do, you have a serious problem.