5D Kit Pharma: The Review

5D Kit Pharma: or how to lose weight easily in just 5 days. Tested and reviewed!

Weight loss is probably a thing I feel weirdly uncomfortable with discussing on the blog. When it comes to my detox experiences, juice fasts and sporty resolutions, I have no problem sharing those. Because those things can be easily filed under ‘healthy’. But posting about a product that is exclusively meant for actual weight loss (albeit in a healthy and safe way), I feel a bit redundant. Why is that? Because I don’t ever want to promote a body image that feels unattainable, I don’t want to give you even the slightest of thought about needing to change your body. I think it’s very important that I start out this post like this – whatever my dream body may be, I don’t feel the need to lose weight, and I’m not telling anyone else that they should either. I got the chance to try out a new way of dieting and working on your body, and I happily reviewed this new product. Not because I need it, or because you need it, but because it might be important that there’s a bright and honest review out there. We’re not talking about scales, numbers and body mass index today. I’m merely reviewing the product and letting you know my experiences with it.

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What is 5D Kit Pharma?

5D Kit Pharma is an all-in-one 5 day diet box aimed towards women looking to lose weight in a fast and effective way. Hold on there, of course you know there’s no such thing as fast weight loss that is also effective. Well, the pharmaceutical company producing these boxes created a daily menu that is supposed to guarantee an increase in weight loss, all while being safe, healthy and balanced. You shouldn’t drive to McD’s and order €10 worth of eurodeals after day 5 has ended, but you’re not risking the immediate increase in weight other fast diets tend to cause.

How does it work?

So basically, the kit contains everything you and your body need to get through the work week (I’d recommend starting your box on a Monday, and not when there’s weekends/wine involved). Each day you have some type of breakfast, a lunch, in-between snacks and powders to add to your water. You’re not allowed to drink coffee, soda or alcohol during the 5-day period. Dinner should be freshly cooked so isn’t included in the box. You can find tons of dinner inspiration on the website, or just cook what you know in a healthy way. I for instance enjoyed baked salmon, a chicken/mango salad, a quinoa dish and grilled turkey.

The key is to drink lots of water (+ the added powders which all have their individual effects) and get some excercise. I can imagine you’d get awesome results when you take the kit+sports mantra by heart.

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What does a typical 5D-day look like?

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Chocolate milk / pudding: this can be eaten warm or cold and is quite thick, which I wasn’t really expecting. I needed some practice eating and enjoying this.
Choco crisp: this is actually delicious and great as a 10AM snack.

Pineapple drink: this is meant to accelerate your fat burning. Mix in a large glass of water and stir.
Pink Appetite Moderator: the same deal, mix with water and drink fast. This one will moderate your appetite, making it easier to deal with those afternoon cravings.

Vegetable Soup: can’t go wrong with veggie soup. Other lunch options include a pasta Bolognese.
Pineapple Drink: again

Coconut Crips: a tasty coconut treat, if you’re into coconut. I’m not, so I skipped this one.
Pink Appetite Moderator: again

Main Meal



All day: Peach Tea: ahh the illustrious peach tea. This one is meant to drink all day – add it to your 1.5L bottle of water and gulp it down as the day goes by. Only downside: I couldn’t swallow this. The taste of the powder is really icky, so I tried but quickly went on with my day drinking regular water.

My verdict

I believe these types of all-in-one boxes can be of great value to some people. When it comes to weight loss, a big part of why it doesn’t work is about self-control or not finding the time to think about healthy options, prepare salads etc. The 5D Kit Pharma takes this part away, as it already comes ‘ready-to-use’. Downside to the already prepared box is that it may contain products that you don’t necessarily like. I myself am more a fan of fresh salads, fruit bowls and other delicious healthy things to munch on during the day, but I must admit that the 5D Kit Pharma can be the great start that you and your body need.

The 5D Kit Pharma is available at pharmacists around the country and costs €85. Check out the list of selling points here.

Want to try this out for yourself? Mithra Pharmaceuticals is giving away 5D Kit Pharma boxes to three of my readers. Head on over to my facebook page for the details.

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