Bloggers Closet Sale at Antwerp Fashion Festival 2014

Ahh it’s that time of year again – ANTWERP FASHION FESTIVAL! It’s with great pleasure that I’m inviting you to this year’s fashionable festivities, right in the city center of Antwerp. And as usual, I’ll be hosting the Bloggers Closet Sale!  Come shop the closets of me and four of my most stylish colleagues, dive into a pile of treasures and score yourself the deal of a life time. I would love to see all of you there, so please hop on over to the AFF page, click attend and drop by our little fashion booths. ATV came over to shoot an episode of Hotspot dedicated entirely to Antwerp Fashion Festival, and I told host Zoë a bit about what our awesome closet sale entails.

Saturday 13th of September
Komedieplaats, Antwerp
14.00 – 22.00
Cash only!