Va-Va-Voom Lashes in the Blink of an Eye

How many hours have you spend in your lifetime trying to find the perfect mascara that’ll make your eyes turn big, bright and beautiful? I’m secretly still searching… There are a few other options besides good ol’ mascara though. So in the name of science, I tested out the eyelash extension treatment. Kim Kardashian lashes, here I come!
I booked an appointment at Le Visage in Hasselt and was warmly welcomed into their palace of prettiness. I laid down barefaced with no make-up on and literally the blink of an eye later, I stood up with amazingly glamorous lashes! The process takes around 45 minutes and individual lashes are being glued onto your natural ones with surgical glue. You’ll have to wait about a day to apply water to your eyes or hop in the sauna, but after the first 24 hours everything is allowed. Except for oils. Get those greasy bastards out of your daily make-up routine, because the oils will cause the lashes to come off. So no eye make-up remover or mascara’s containing oils – but you won’t really need any of that since your lashes are full, black and curly on their own.


  • quick: amazing lashes in under an hour
  • painless
  • super easy to maintain
  • no more mascara
  • no more eye make-up remover + a thousand cotton wads every night


  • it’s pretty expensive
  • you can’t rub your eyes without losing a lash or two
  • removing the lashes (with some olive oil) might damage your natural lashes
  • it can be addictive ;)

I booked my appointment at Le Visage in Hasselt – check out their website to schedule yours. The eyelash extension treatment costs around €99 and you will need a touch-up every three to four weeks. I just removed mine because one eye was a bit less full that the other, and I wanted to be able to tell you about the aftermath of the treatment. So I cleaned everything off with a good dose of olive oil from a kitchen cabinet, and immediately regreted it: bye bye pretty lashes, hello ordinary eyes. My natural lashes are much thinner and shorter after the extensions, so I’m eagerly waiting for them to grow back to their original state. And in case I can’t wait, I might have to drop by Le Visage again!

What are your thoughts on eyelash extensions? Have you ever tried them? Would you?