The Best Tip for When You’re Planning a Trip: GoEuro

Although it can be easy to just say ‘let’s go’, travelling often requires planning, outlining and overthinking. I’m not the type of person to just pack up and head out the door without having at least one travel book under the arm, and I plan trips week in advance, scouring the internet for the best airfare rates, the cheapest hotels or B&B’s and the most-value-for-your-buck restaurants and bars. I like doing those things, and it’s not like there’s anything hard about it: Google is your friend. But when it comes to public transportation, figuring out the how, when and where repeatedly had me with my hands in my hair: websites that are only available in the native language, a thousand of pdf’s to open, Google Maps at the ready to figure out the nearest metro stop… So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across GoEuro. No matter where life takes you, GoEuro sums up the available means, the best rates and the quickest journeys to get to where you want to be. So whether you’re leaving Antwerp for a get-away to the south of France, are having a bachelorette party all over London or need yourself the quickest way from Romania to Finland: Go GoEuro! You see departure and arrival times, pick-up points and the price you’ll have to pay for your train / bus / flight combo: Go easy!


Confession: I’ve downloaded the app onto my phone and even use it when I need to get around different cities in Belgium: yep I know, I’m no Chris McCandless when it comes to my travelling. I like things planned out so I can enjoy the journey to the fullest. Find out more about the website and try it for yourself here.

Do you have any travel plans coming up? I was supposed to leave for Spain next week – had my transportation all figured out of course – but work got in the way. No worries though, I’ll be visiting Portugal and Egypt in October, to soothe that travel bug of mine.