Thank God it’s Tuesday!

While summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, televisions everywhere are getting ready for a brand new season. Prep yourself a bowl of popcorn, grab your blankie and those sheepskin boots and gain control of the remote. Because at Vijf, Tuesday’s are all about staying in with your girlfriends to watch the best series full of girl power and dreamy men.

I’m a binge-watcher at heart, and I’m glad to rekindle with my trusty television shows this winter. There’s also a ton of brand new charming, interesting and intriguing shows on the telly, and Vijf’s programming totally knows how we want to watch tv: familiar faces mixed with new intrigue, and preferably as much as we can possibly watch on one night. So welcome your new Tuesday activity into your living room: Thank God It’s Tueday!

Your perfect tv-night starts with Grey’s Anatomy (confession: I’ve never seen an episode!), followed by Scandal (scandals! intrigue! i like!) and the all-new Mistresses (think Desperate Housewives meets Sex and The City!). Not tired yet? A re-run of Singl3s, an episode of the Dutch Fashion Police and an oldy-but-always-goody Will & Grace will do the trick.

dogs and dresses Vijf tv televisieseizoen-2dogs and dresses Vijf tv televisieseizoenAfter Tuesday comes Wednesday, and guess what? Wednesday’s on Vijf aren’t looking too bad either. A while back I went to the preview of the new seasons of ‘Singl3s’ and ‘Zo Man Zo Vrouw’, two shows that will brighten up your Wednesday evening and get you right out of that mid-week dip. I LOVE Jani and his cheeky humour, the wardrobe of some people makes you want to punch yourself in the eye but the make-over is always amazing!

Watch Mistresses with me and get in on the convo using the hashtag #TGIT. Because the best part about watching with your best friends is getting to comment on absolutely everything in real time. Yes boys, soccer commentators have nothing on us ;)

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Watch the trailer for Mistresses below