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Liu Jo Shopping Night in Antwerp

Yesterdays shopping shenanigans at Liu Jo were so fun that I’m quickly tuning in today to show you some pics and let you in on an awesome deal as well. All the ladies present yesterday at the Liu Jo Antwerp store got to shop with a -20% discount, and I’m sharing the fun with those who couldn’t make it to the actual event: click this link and download your personal -20% discount voucher! My favourites of the night: my beloved Bottom Up super skinny¬† + this amazing loose-fit blazer that I’m wearing on the photo above. I had a blast spending time with my amazingly pretty colleague-bloggers, handing out free shopping advice and shooting a little video that will be up on Belmodo soon.

Thanks to Liu Jo Antwerp, the Belmodo crew, Emma, Elke en Lima and everyone who stopped by to shop and say hi!

Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3493 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3272 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3380 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3308 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3314 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3432 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3358 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3488 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3419 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3608 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3546 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3582 Belmodo_LiuJo_IMG_3758