Checks & Sequins

dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_6 dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_3 dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_9 dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_2 dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_1 dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_8 dogsanddresses_LEExFillesaPapa_5What I wore last Saturday: I met up with the talented Winny Man to shoot an exciting new video – results will be online soon! After the shoot I quickly walked into Zara Home, grabbed a few beautiful candles, photo frames and gold plates and met up with Paulien for snaps and coffee. A simple outfit for a busy day, but one I truly loved to wear. The checkered shirt is such a cool and versatile piece, and I love how it kinda reminds me of Christmas! Speaking of, don’t forget to enter in our Nuxe gift box give-away. Hope you like this outfit & wishing you all a very awesome week ;)

[icon size=”medium” name=”e-tag”] I’M WEARING:
ASOS cocoon parka coat (shop here)
LEE x Filles à Papa checkered shirt (shop here)
River Island skinnies
Sacha boots (shop here)
Object tote bag (gift)