Favourite Time of the Year

dogsanddresses_Roermond-54 dogsanddresses_Roermond-36 dogsanddresses_Roermond-48 dogsanddresses_Roermond-52 dogsanddresses_Roermond-furcoat dogsanddresses_Roermond-59It’s my favourite time of the year, and here’s why:

– twinkle twinkle, it might be getting dark at 4 in the afternoon but just look at those lights popping up in the streets. you just know that coca cola bus is right around the corner.

– my new faux fur coat is also my new favourite thing.

– we’re moving in 7 days (which is also: omg we’re moving in seven days while all i want to do is sleep for seven days straight).

– i went on the first holiday shopping spree of the year. nothing better than finding awesome prezzies to make loved ones happy with.

– cool content is coming up on the blog. just wait and see!

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Boohoo faux fur coat (shop here)
ONLY black skinnies (shop here)
Sacha boots (shop here)
Courreges bag (vintage)