Lyxo-dogsanddresses-6You always need them, but they’re never around. When you finally found the one, they let you down after a few moments. They snap and leave marks. HAIRBANDS – such a hassle! But no more. Ever since discovering Lyxo hairbands I’m hooked to them: durable, dependable and in an array of brights and neutrals.

Here’s what the brand has to say about themselves:
“LYXO is a new type of high quality hair band made from unique elastic fiber material. The material is gentle to your hair, gives you a perfect and long-lasting hold and doesn’t pinch your hair. Because of the unique material the hair bands are extra durable and flexible. They glide easily through your hair without tangling and pulling it.”

YES, so very true! The only downside I can think of with these bands is that they’re not suitable to wear around your wrist – which I happen to do with all my hairbands. But upside is that the Lyxo hairbands are available in 6 different colors and each pack contains 10 bands. Oh and we’ve got a readers’ exclusive for you in store: Order your pack of Lyxo hairbands now on the Maison Déco shop, add the code D&D during checkout and you’ll receive one pack extra! Buy 1 + get 1 for FREE! Hurray ;)

Lyxo-dogsanddresses-4LYxo-dogsanddresses-2 Lyxo-dogsanddresses-3