Wear Your Name on Your Sleeve

Grey sweaters, we’ve talked about them before. After aknowledging my slight addiction to grey sweatshirt I went on a sweater rehab program. No more buying sweatshirts – unless they’re truly something special. So here I am wearing my brand new… grey sweatshirt! I haven’t broken any rules here: I received a voucher to order for free + this one is really specialz: it has got my name on it!

Let’s start from the beginning: I received a mail from HiCustom, a website that lets you design your own apparel, but also goodies such as mugs and iPhone cases. I love the fact that you can easily upload your homemade designs and have them printed for you on your item of choice, but was kinda hesitant about the quality of the print and the garment itself. Printing this sweater was really cheap (around $25) and shipping is reasonable as well ($6). The thing was printed in China but arrived at my door about a week and a half later. Fast! The fit of the sweater, the grey crewneck in S, is oversized, but that’s how I like my sweaters best. Oh and about the print? I’m kinda proud of my last name ;)

How do you like my new sweater? Would you try the printing service yourself? Which print would you go for?

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