Decorating the Bedroom: the Shopping List

I’ve been spending so much time in and on IKEA lately, and I’m loving it! With the big move on the horizon I practically made the IKEA website my homepage. We’re now almost completely moved in, and I can almost say I’ve become fluent in Swedish ;) Let’s just say my inner construction worker is more than satisfied these days. I can’t wait to show you what the place looks like when it’s all done, but before we’re there yet, I’m sharing some wonderful home inspiration with you. Today: the bedroom!

Our bedroom is basically a blank canvas, a white cube with wooden floors and a fireplace in the middle. So we have carte blanche… But there are some things to keep in mind. Keyword in this room is extra storage space! My love for fashion happens to translates into having way to many clothes to fit into one dresser, so storage space is super important in the bedroom. Luckily IKEA has some great ideas on how to create just that. And that’s what I love about the Swedish brand: they don’t just go for pretty but also for practical. And with a hoarder like me, even too much storage space is never enough.


On my shopping list:

1. NORDLI bedside table with detachable inner tray and room for phone charger // 2. MALM bed frame with storage space underneath: for that extra duvet or in my case, all them shoes. // 3. LJUSAS YSBY lamp will add an instant touch of chic to your bedside arrangement // 4. LUDDE sheep skin to put my feet on right after waking up or to just throw over the bar stool near my make-up table. Very pinterestworthy! // 5. EKBY OSTEN / EKBY GALLO shelves for books, photo frames and little trinkets that give a room personality. // 6. MYSA STRA synthetic duvet that’ll get you from winter to summer thanks to its three detachable quilts. // 7. BUMERANG clothing hangers to keep everything nice and tidy – these make a good team with my PAX closet! // 8. STOCKHOLM pillow case in the perfect colour scheme for a relaxing bedroom. Would look great in the living room as well. // 9. STOCKHOLM buffet cabinet: why limit your furniture to one room? A buffet cabinet makes the perfect storage for your heels and boots and the shelves inside are great dividers for your jewellry and accessories. // 10. RANARP lamp to sooth those late-night book cravings.

For more bedroom inspiration, click on over to my Pinterest page.

What are your bedroom must-haves interior wise?
Do you have any tips on how to create extra storage?