Dressing the Bathroom: The Shopping List

bathroomshoppinglistIKEAThree weeks in and the new appartment is slowely but surely coming together. We’re both busy with work during the week and haven’t really had the most of time to decorate, so a few trips to IKEA might be in order before everything looks completely right ;) The bedroom is already looking and feeling perfectly cosy, but our bathroom space is still in need of a dose of decoration love. The bathroom is probably my least favourite room in the new place, because it is TINY! Really, the bathroom should come with a build-in microscope because of its small size, but that’s something I’ll just have to learn to live with. Luckily my Swedish friends over at IKEA know how to get the most out of your limited space! Tall, narrow cabinets, storage space with a build-in mirror, hanging storage and matching colours should brighten up this space. I’ll show you the end results once everything is ready, can’t wait!

bathroom ikea wishlist

1. GUNNERN mirror cabinet / 2. SEMVIK bathroom set / 3. KNODD bin with lid
4. IMMELN soap basket / 5. TOFTBO bath mat / 6. AFJARDEN towel
7. TVINGEN shower curtain / 8. GODMORGON kast