Primark Spring 15 Presentation in London

After a short night I’m super excited to be sharing yesterday’s adventures with you all! Still buzzing from the wonderful Christmas spirit, the amazing hotel and of course all the shopping that was done..

To present the spring collections for 2015, Irish brand Primark invited us over to London. From within a giant gallery space on Marylebone road we were presented the hottest trends and key pieces of the upcoming collection. Trends such as nomadic glamour, asia nautica and miami memphis will have you counting down the days till spring arrives – trust me, the items on show yesterday were amazing and looked like they came right off the runway! Okay, the setting might have had something to do with that, clothing just tends to look better in a calm and quiet gallery instead of an eternally crowded and busy store. But those items will look just as good hanging in your closet ;)

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After getting down with the trends and meeting fellow bloggers and journo’s from all over Europe, we went to check out the real deal: the current collection in a real Primark shop. Thanks to Laure’s expertise, we opted for the Primark store on Tottenham Court Road, a slightly calmer version of the Oxford Street shop.We shopped till we couldn’t shop no more – really! I mainly focused my shopping on finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones – Primark is such a great spot to get your holiday shopping done! I also picked up a cute twpiece (which I’m wearing already today ;)), a sequin kimono top for some sparkz, and a wool skirt. Also: the make-up range is really varied and of good quality for a great price. During the event I got myself some stuff to try out, so I’ll post a little review soon, but everything looks great at first sight.

And now the best part for les flamandes who aren’t planning a trip to London anytime soon: mark those calenders because NEXT WEDNESDAY, 10/12, Primark Brussels will open its doors!! Oh and Hasselt and Ghent are next on the list – spring next year. You heared it here first kids ;)

Are you excited to have a Primark close by?

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