Twingo Fashion Challenge: Part II

I know you’ve all clicked over to the Twingo Fashion Challenge website and entered your fashion quote like I told you in this post – right? ;) If you’re just tuning in just now, Renault is relaunching their cool Twingo city cars with a very fun and fashionable campaign! Click on over to my previous post to read up on part one of the campaign, and scroll down to see how you can become the lucky winner of one awesome citytrip + €400 shopping money + a cool Twingo in the colour of your choice for a weekend…

Munich 7

All of the fashion statements you submitted on the Twingo Fashion Challenge website have been scattered all over Belgium – boutiques in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Louvain, Charleroi, Liège, Brussels and Namur may have your own fashion statement hanging in their racks. The three fashion bloggers from the video below have hidden the statements all over town, and it’s now up to you to find them – each hanger has its own special code, which you can enter on the website and find out if you’re the lucky winner. Both the creator of the statement as well as the finder have the chance to win the city trip, so it doesn’t really matter if you’ve entered in the first place or not. All you need to do now is watch the video, find the statements and claim your car! That’s a challenge worth shopping for ;)