Stan Smith Sneakers

Yet another accomplice in the Stan Smith craze – guilty as charged! I was looking for a good pair of shiny white kicks and almost went for the Isabel Marant baseball sneakers – but then my consciousness aka bank account statements told me otherwise. I’ve been getting so much wear out of my awesome metallic Superstars that I deemed it only right to go for another pair of Adidas Originals. During a quick browse on Zalando I came across the Stan Smiths, in the kids’ section nonetheless. What that means? Well, that these shoes were finally available in my tiny size + for an awesome price. Click click, and here they are.

Ialready wore them once and they hurt my feet SO BAD, but I secretly can’t wait to wear them again. Preferably under a pinstripe suit.

Btw: am I the only one constantly calling these shoes Sam Smiths? -_- Inspiration below!

DSC_6620klein DSC_6618klein