My HelloFresh experience

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If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t like to cook. I don’t enjoy cooking, frying, stirring, boiling and whatnot, and I try to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. I do venture out into the occasional make-your-own-granola hype, but those are rarely successful from the first shot. Luckily Cédric enjoys to cook, and I have learnt how to cook a somewhat decent meal on my own in the past six years that I have been living on my own. I hardly find pleasure in going grocery shopping (I enter the store like a hit man, focussing only on what I came for, but my in-&-out attitude always seems to get stuck in line at the cash register) and don’t enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen, so I always opt for quick and easy dishes – and simple and dull recipes.

But that’s all in the past – I am now a bonafide food magician! What caused this sudden turnaround? A new and exciting concept, which basically landed on my doorstep. The HelloFresh food box: a big box filled with fresh ingredients, all you need to create 3 or 5 dishes. A week’s worth of healthy recipes, delivered to your door: sounds like a good deal to me. And so I ordered the HelloFresh Original Box to try out, and of course I documented my experience.



First things first

After placing my order, I received an email with everything there is to know about your HelloFresh box – or almost everything. The HelloFresh team shows a glimpse of what to expect on your plate the upcoming week, but you won’t get all the details just yet! The day of the delivery I received a text message confirming the hour of delivery, and my guy actually showed up about 30 minutes before the estimatedtime of arrival. So far, so good!

As excited as a kid climbing down the stairs on Christmas morning, I opened the big cardboard box which felt cold. Inside, all the ingredients were still cool and fresh. And oh boy, what lovely ingredients there were!

HelloFresh box week 3 2015

Contents of my HelloFresh box

  • shallot
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • spring onion
  • basil
  • farfalle
  • salmon filet
  • lamb’s lettuce
  • crème fraiche
  • couscous
  • red onion
  • turnips
  • oregano
  • pork schnitzel
  • cranberry-raisin mix
  • red pepper
  • ginger
  • carrot
  • broccoli
  • noodles
  • sugarsnaps
  • soja sauce
  • peanuts

Day 1

Keeping my natural aversion towards cooking in mind, it says enought that I still felt excited enough to lock myself up in the kitchen right away. Totally inspired by the contents of my first HelloFresh box, I got to business and prepared the first dish of the week: Scottish salmon with lemon and farfalle. Since I’m pretty much as unexperienced as a toddler and because I didn’t know the recipe, I encountered some minor timing issues. The recipe booklet explains all the steps and even though my timing wasn’t perfect, the final outcome was! What an amazing dish! Out of all three, we liked this the best – I love salmon and we both like our pasta, so this platter was spot on. Three rich pieces of fresh fish would have set us back around €10, so the box certainly was good value for its money!


Day 2

Healthy! Today we’re having something new – couscous with turnips, lamb’s lettuce and schnitzel. Not something I would cook up on the daily, and so we were both equal parts excited and suspicious. The recipe started out with “make bouillon to cook the couscous in (no time frame specified)” – ehh what how why heh?? After a quick google, I learnt how to make bouillon (I suck, I know) and decided to just go with the flow and let the couscous soak it all up for a good amount of time. Same with the turnips: no idea how to peel them, how long they should cook and what they would taste like. All turned out fine – great actually! Again we both enjoyed this dish – later that night we had a friend over, and he enjoyed a good portion of leftovers. I’ll definitely be using couscous more in future platters.

Dogs and Dresses HelloFresh food box 2015-6

Dogs and Dresses HelloFresh food box 2015-28f

Day 3

We have company coming over again today, and I’m serving the last HelloFresh meal of the week: Chinese noodles with broccoli, carrots, sugar snaps and peanuts. A bit worried that these veggies won’t suffice, we rush to the store to get some meat to add to it. I eat mine with just vegetables, but can’t argue that a slice of chicken would have been great with it. Again, this dish is perfectly enjoyable: easy to prepare (probably 20 minutes from start to finish), ingredients that everybody likes and plenty to take into my work lunch box the next day. This partiular dish isn’t too expensive to cook, so there’s definitely some price variation in the box.

Dogs and Dresses HelloFresh food box 2015-40

The final verdict

I’m hooked! The HelloFresh box for three days/three people adds up to a total of €39 – a great price for three days of fresh foods, home delivery and no shopping/coming up with recipe-hassle. Of course you may risk not liking a dish or being allergic to particular ingredients since you never now beforehand which meals you’ll receive – this could bring the money/value-ratio down, but take it from someone who is very picky with her foods: you are bound to love most of the meals! Also: opt for the veggie box if you’re a vegetarian.

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