La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel

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Let’s introduce you to this gamechanger: the Illuminating Eye Gel by La Mer. I’ve been using this little bottle of magic for a few weeks, and I needed to tell you all about it…

La Mer is one of those iconic brands that I always get excited about. I think it’s safe to say that the La Mer products have gained that larger than life status, so you can imagine my motivation to test and review their latest it-product was rather high. The Illuminating Eye Gel really sparked my interest – my chronic lack of sleep + me turning 26 this year (omg – let’s not talk about that) have put me on a quest towards finding the right eye products. And hooray, I found it!


La Mer injects all of their products with their legendary Miracle Borth, a mixture of healing ingredients that jump-start your skin’s natural renewal process. Antioxidants within the Awakening Ferment help protect against the aging effects of the environment, fatigue and stress as the Illuminating Ferment promotes a luminous new look. Your eyes will look youthful, energized and awakened.


I use this product twice a day – after cleaning my face in the morning and right before going to bed at night. I don’t know how they do it, but I look more well-rested and awake by the time my alarm goes off in the morning. Before putting on my make-up, I’ll dab a small dot of product onto my eyes, dabbing it in and rubbing it out around my eye area. The eye gel comes with a tutorial on how to apply the product for the best results. But even when I don’t have time for the whole routine in the morning, I’ll just apply a small pinch with my fingers and immediately notice the difference. Lighter, brighter and smoother eyes! My make-up looks more beautiful after applying the eye gel, and I just feel fresher and totally ready to tackle the day. Yep, I really found the Holy Grail of eye creams!


Holy grails don’t come cheap, and unfortunately that’s no different with the La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel. A bottle of 15ml of magic will set you back €120, but oOn the bright side: you only need such a small amount a day, so the product will last you quite a while. Buy your La Mer products at Ici Paris XL or order them online here.


Get it. It is expensive, no doubt about it, but I rather spend my money on a product that I’m really content with, than on a cheaper version that doesn’t really do the trick.