Miracle Cushion Foundation

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Meet my new coup de foudre… The Miracle Cushion foundation by Lancôme. This neatly-packed, easy-to-apply foundation is all the rage in beauty-land, and here are my two cents.

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Confession 1: I’m not a beauty blogger. I enjoy spending time in the bathroom, getting all dolled up for a special occassion, but my everyday morning routine can’t be more boring. A good eye cream, nourishing skincare, black liner and mascara, eyebrow pencil and some highlighter form the biggest part of my 5-minute morning dance in front of the mirror. I don’t know the ingredients of my lipstick or the scientific explanation behind that weird-looking mascara brush. But I know a good product when I see it.

Confession 2: I have good skin. Besides it being a bit too dry on forehead during wintery times, I’m perfectly happy with my skin. It tends to be quite red, especially around my nose (which I blame on my chronic cold), but I don’t have blemishes, acne or any other skin problems. I probably don’t need a lot of coverage, but I’m always on the hunt for that one product that gives my visage a healthy glow.

Found it.


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The Miracle Cushion is innovating in the way that it’s actually a liquid foundation in the form of a pressed powder. The sponge applicator allows you to dab on as much product as needed, leaving your skin with a gorgeous dewy finish. I’ve been sent shade 2 and 3 to test – shade 2 is a perfect match, number three looks ten times as dark. It might work for my skin during summer though, so I’m keeping it around. The foundation sticks really well to my face, is rather transparent and after applying I probably just look like a more fresh-faced, radiant version of myself. Which is basically all I really look for in a foundation.

The Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation comes in six different shades and costs €42 per kit – the silver-topped package holds the cushion applicator, spongey foundation and a mirror. It’s perfect to take with you on the go and I love the fact that the foundation offers refills, which are available for €30.


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