Sponsored video: Today’s Look is…

What you wear and how you look is such a personal thing. Dressing up is a way of expressing yourself, telling your story to the world, showing who you are. An outfit is just an outfit, until someone wears it with pride and confidence, turning the clothes into a total look. To celebrate this unrecognizable strength within a piece of clothing, fashion retailer C&A launches the “Today’s look is” campaign. The campaign shows everyday people in everyday situations, translating these into a daily look. It’s inspiring to watch others dress up for certain occasions, and for me this is often the reason why I follow blogs – real people with real personalities, going through relatable moments in life, and always dressing the part.

Important to note here is that fashion doesn’t need to cost a lot of money nor effort – and that is exactly what C&A believes in. Fashion is a democratic subject, and everybody has the right to look and feel good. With a little bit of inspiration from blogs or some well-timed research on their e-shop: finding the perfect look is easy. Whether it’s an outfit for that one special occasion, or a total look for everyday life, chances are high C&A caters to your needs. Whatever you dress yourself in today, make sure that your clothes make you look and feel good. And if that’s the case, you are ready for whatever life throws your way!

This article is sponsored by C&A, but all opinions expressed are my own.