#StyleMyWardrobe with Farrow & Ball + WIN a closet make-over!

Dogs and Dresses Farrow and Ball home interior

Dogs and Dresses Farrow and Ball wardrobe decor

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I’m in a relationship with my closet. A love-hate relationship that is. Even though I looove all of the prettiness inside, my actual closet is such a dreadful, log piece of furniture. It is actually a hand-me-down, left behind in our apartment by the previous tenant. You won’t hear me complain, because with the amount of clothes I have, extra storage is more than welcome. So even though the closet isn’t the prettiest of the bunch, we decided to take it in with open arms.

Out of all the spaces in the apartment, I probably love the bedroom the most. It’s an oasis of peace and quiet in a busy city, with its white walls, wooden floor and mix of modern white and vintage pieces. The only thing not mixing in quite well was the closet. So we decided to give it an awesome make-over! With a little help of British paint and wallpaper experts Farrow & Ball and their brand new wallpaper designs, the interior of my sad little closet got an upgrade; springproof and totally ready to fill my heart with joy, each and every morning!

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Disclaimer: my closet is nowhere near as tidy and organised on a daily basis. But it sure looks and feels great to have your wardrobe looking like a shop space! Let’s see how long I can make this last ;) I’m planning to plaster the doors with the Tourbillon wallpaper as well – not only my wardrobe but also my wardrobe space will be fully springproof!

AND NOW ON TO THE GOOD PART: Win your own closet make-over!

[su_highlight background=”#99ffda”]Take a picture of your current closet space, share it on twitter, facebook OR instagram by using the hashtag #stylemywardrobe and add the handles @farrowandball and #dogsanddresses (hi that’s me!) and win your own closet make-over! You’ll receive the wallpaper design of your choice to revamp your wardrobe with. This is an awesome price, since a roll of the new 2015 collection costs 135 euros a pop. Luxurious closet space coming your way!![/su_highlight]

Let’s end with this pretty picture of the Farrow and Ball wallpaper when it first got to me. Loooove.

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