The truth about my outfit posts

No posts as popular as those of me standing -awkwardly- in the middle of the street, showcasing my latest bag or newest coat, while Antwerp makes a guest appearance in the background. Yep, outfit posts are still going strong, and I love seeing you get inspired by daily looks. But things aren’t always what they seem… Hold on kids, because these are the struggles fashion bloggers have to deal with.


Location, location, location.

Even though we want our backgrounds to be as blurry as possible (attaining the perfect, creamy bokeh is what fashion bloggers strive for ;)), location is everything! That’s why we sometimes roam the streets for half an hour, solely to find the perfect place to shoot. When we finally do stumble on that one magically photogenic spot, we dare to revisit it on later outfit shootings.

Example below:


Repeat offender

Do you know those awesome outfit days? Those happen to be the days when there’s not a single soul in sight to help you shoot your look. I’m also known to save up a ‘good’ outfit for when there’s a meet-up planned. Alternatively, when I have a gorgeous outfit I wore on a night out but haven’t got any pictures of (bc it’s dark at night) I will dress up in the same thing and pose on the street, just to prove a point – because I can tweet about how awesome my party dress was, but you won’t believe it till you’ve seen it!


Time is relative

Shocking confession: my daily outfit isn’t always today’s outfit. In most cases I’ll tell you when and where I wore a certain look, but my daily outfits are probably yesterday’s outfit. Sorry.

From 100 to 5 in 10 seconds

Especially when I’m shooting with a blogging friend like Paulien, we’ll shoot a lot of pics. The gigantic batch of pictures easily slinks to about 5 or 6 good pics. Blurry pic? Delete. Closed eyes? Delete. Weird angle? Delete. I’ll quickly scroll through them and end up with a handful of decent pictures. Of course I only share photos that I’m happy about and feel comfortable enough with to throw them into the infinite space that is the internet. Can’t blame me, right?

Control + A, delete

When an outfit isn’t all what I hoped it would be, I sometimes dare to chuck the entire batch of photos into the recycle bin. Also, taking outfit pictures is a really great way to see if a newly acquired piece of clothing fits you and your style or not.

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If you’re a blogger yourself, can you relate to my list? Have any fun things to add? ;)