Photo Diary: In Paris with Piaget

On living the princess life…

An early morning. I’m rushing to the train station to catch my ride. A skinny caramel macchiato in one hand and a giant suitcase in the other make it tricky to board the Thalys without falling flat on my face. I manage, and happily glide into my first class seat, ready to be treated to 72 hours of luxury.

Fashion Week has just ended and the city is still oozing with beautifully stylish people, not quite ready to leave the fashion circus behind. The grey morning has transformed into a perfect day with clear blue skies and nice temperatures. It is noon, and we step into Brasserie Flottes for the introductory lunch – the first of many gastronomic experiences.


Piaget invited one influencer from every country to represent the brand – I’m surrounded by talented bloggers from the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Japan, England and France to name a few. I’m in great company, I’ll tell you that much!

The first amazing experience: a helicopter ride over Paris and Versailles. It was amazing. So much so, that my body couldn’t handle all the excited and I started to feel sick. 45 minutes high up in the sky is a bit to much for this little one. Luckily we landed right in front of Chateau d’Esclimont, a beautiful castle which often functions as the backdrop for fancy weddings. We wandered around, enjoyed the scenery and I guzzled down some champagne to prepare for the flight back. All went just fine, and I soaked in as much of the views as possible. Such an experience!

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On to the next one – le grand surprise. We visit the Daylight Studios where we’ll be shooting tomorrow, and I get to meet the talented and amazingly pretty Jessica Chastain. Although it was a super short meeting, she was so nice – nice enough to take a selfie together.

Finally there was time to check into my hotel room. Or should I say apartment? Seriously, Le Meurice on Rue de Rivoli breathes luxury, timelessness and the grandeur of back in the day. It is everything that you’d expect a typical Parisian hotel to be. The five-star spa hotel has the best beds, an all-marble bathroom and on-point room service. The princess in me felt right at home.

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Not much time to nap though, a cocktail party at the Piaget Boutique awaits! I change into my dress, splash some water onto my face and head on out. The boutique on Place Vendome houses all of the very best Piaget jewellery, and we could finally discover the ‘Possession’ collection, the collection each of us would be modelling the day after! I fell in love with the rings and bracelets, and loved the perfect combination of luxury and simplicity.

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Incredible experience numero deux: dinner at Le Jules Verne, the Michel star restaurant located on the second floor of the Eifel tower! I’m not much of an adventurous eater, but I greatly enjoyed every course to the fullest. The views, the company, the wines, the talks… A night to remember!

With a happy tummy I roll into my queen-size bed, still buzzing from the great day that I find it hard to fall asleep. A busy day awaits…

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I get to sleep in – a 9 o’clock wake-up call on a Friday isn’t too bad. I contemplate going down to the breakfast bar in my PJ’s, but then remember I’m in one of the classiest hotels ever, and quickly change into something more decent. The breakfast is crazy, with me seated at a gigantic round table in the most beautiful interior, while four different waiters dress up my table with pastries, fresh juices, baked goods and fresh fruits. I felt a bit silly sitting at a big table filled with deliciousness all by myself though, but it sure was the best way to start the new day.

Ever wondered what princesses do after breakfast? They go for spa treatments! Le Meurice is renowned for their spa area and dayum, my skin treatment was incroyable. A personalised one-hour session left my skin feeling renewed, plumped and brighter than ever. If you are ever around, I strongly recommend a treatment at the spa.



I look well-rested, fresh and bright, and am now completely ready to… WORK IT! Today is shooting day, and I have a photoshoot, film recordings and an interview on the planning. This may look scary and overwhelming, but the team was so chill, kind and helpful, that I totally let loose and gave it my all. I’ll be posting the end results asap, I’m so excited to see the final product. Take a look below at some behind-the-scenes footage.

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My lovely host from the Belgian press team for Piaget made the entire experience even more surreal. In the cab I was surprised with a little blue box. The ribbon spelled Piaget in gold letters, and my hands started to shake. Noooo you didn’t? Yes he did! I opened the box and an amazing piece of jewelry and ditto diamond smiled at me – a white gold Piaget Possession ring now adorns my right hand, and I get flashbacks to this amazing Parisian adventure whenever I look down. Ah-mazing!!

My hours of free time in Paris were spend the right way: by getting some shopping done. I switched my heels for trainers and roamed Rue Cambon, Place Vendome and Boulevard Haussman. At Le Printemps I picked up a new pair of sunnies and then I stopped by every single Chanel boutique in search for the espadrilles. No luck there, which might be a good thing for my bank account.

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The final night in Paris with Piaget was spend at the foot of L’Arc de Triomphe, in the restaurant Victoria. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with the entire team, all of the international bloggers and their assistents ;-) During the weekend I met James and Kristina Bazan from Kayture, Daniele Bernstein from WeWoreWhat, Spanish Alexandra from LovelyPepa and many more inspiring colleagues.


Time to call it a night, and to say goodbye to my princess weekend. The Thalys took me back to Antwerp, but not before ordering one giant breakfast in bed. Paris, you stole my heart. Thanks for the beautiful experience Piaget, this is one to cherish for a lifetime!



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