SkinnyMint 28-Day Teatox Review

About a year ago I first learned about teatoxes. It was right around the time that I saw everybody and its mom promoting the toxes on IG and I was like: “what is all the fuss about? I need to try this for myself!”. And so I did. My first experiences with TeaToxing can be read here.

This time around I am trying SkinnyMint, a new variation on the teatoxing hype. Want to find out more about this 28-day teatox, its benefits and my thoughts about it? Read on!SkinnyMint teatox review on

SkinnyMint is a 2-step program. You have your Morning Boost to drink every morning, and the Night Cleanse that you’ll drink every other day, preferably right before going to bed.

The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost through out the day and to naturally reduce the appetite. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste.

The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally purify the body which could lead to reduced bloating. It contains all natural ingredients to promote the restoration process.

So basically, you have your daytime tea that should reduce appetite and take away cravings for all things sweet, and the nighttime tea that has a bit of a laxative effect, which purifies and takes away any bloating. I find the nighttime tea to be an enjoyable ritual, as it gets your mind and body ready for bed – there’s something soothing about its taste, and I always sleep like a baby when I had my cup. Please note that you may experience cramps and tummy akes upon waking up, which is due to the natural products doing their job.  I found no side effects from the Morning Boost tea, but I can’t say that it really took away my craving for sweets either. The thing with these teas is that they’re not magical potions. You won’t get skinny from just drinking them, but I do believe that they can give great results when combined with clean eating and a smart, continuous work-out.

SkinnyMint teatox review on

Order the 28-Day Ultimate Teatox on SkinnyMint for €39.90, which contains 28 bags of Morning Boost tea and 14 bags of Night Cleanse tea. I received the Besties Value 28-Day Teatox which retails for €64.90 and is perfectly suitable for you and your friend. If you want to try the Teatox for the first time you can also order the 14-Day Starter Teatox at €24.90. Shipping is free worldwide.

My advice: go for the teatox if you’re feeling bloated or could just use the extra motivation together with your healthy foods and good work-outs. Don’t just order these to drink in between fastfood snacks, bc it will be a waste of money!

Have you gone on a Teatox before? Which brand did you try and why? Would you recommend?

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