Boho Jacket

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Today we’re shooting a fun project for a delicious brand, and we’re shooting it all around Antwerp. The city is so good to us during these Spring months! While writing this I can’t help but think about how lucky we are to have found our little spot in the city. Even with all the downsides of living in a small, old and noisy appartment building in a busy city, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Oh well, maybe for a cool free-standing town house with large garden for our seven dogs to play in ;-)

Anyways, let’s talk outfit. I get to browse the Sienna Goodies collection from time to time, and during my last visit to the showroom, this jacket instantly caught my eye. How perfect is this print? I paired it with destroyed leggings, a flowy top and cute bag. My minelli boots go great with this slightly boho outfit.

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jacket – shop here

top – shop here

leggings – shop here

bag – Sienna & Lois

boots – c\o Minelli