New Hair + New Routine

Dogs and Dresses hair care-2

Spoiler alert: I’m kinda blonde. What was just an appointment to revamp my subtle highlights somehow turned into me going much lighter and blonder than ever! Blame it on the sun, but somehow my hair guy decided it was time for a change. It took some getting used to, but I like how light and fresh my new do feels. Perfect for summer!


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Since my hair is really long + now also really addicted to color, I need intense soothing products to wash it with. I’ve read articles and blog posts in the past about how using shampoo is actually damaging for your hair, leaving it with build-up that tends to get greasy quickly. I remember that not using shampoo but just going with conditioner to cleanse your locks should be the key to happy hair. Professional hair care brand Matrix has just launched a new line of cleansing conditioners that foresee the use of regular shampoo, and cleanse and condition without any damaging ingredients. I used the conditioner for medium hair, and my locks were so much more manageable than when using my regular shampoo. Soft and silky smooth even! It made styling my hair so much easier, so I think I’m ready to jump on the conditioner-only bandwagon alltogether!


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