LabelCrush closet sale

Hello friends of the weekend! I’m hoping you all had a fun, relaxing, maybe boozy Saturday. In case you haven’t made any plans for today (or even if you have), I have just the right place for you to spend your Sunday at. Clouds of Fashion and LabelCrush teamed up to host the MAJOR CLOSETSALE, a supersized event to shop the best bags, dresses, shoes and all that for really good prices. Bargains even! Fashionistas from all over Antwerp are selling their secondhand goods, and LabelCrush is offering a selection of their best designer items up for sale as well.

Come say hi today between 10.00 and 18.00, get your picture taken in front of our awesome flower wall, score designer goodies for less and receive a FREE gift! Yay, it’s all fun and games at the LabelCrush booth ;-)C


Zaal Stuurboord

Rijnkaai 96 2000 Antwerp

Entrance: 2 euros