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There are a few items in my closet that I feel very strongly about. The perfectly fitted pair of skinnies, that boyfriend jeans that’s ripped in just the right places, the softest tees and perfect basis shirts. And then there is this skirt… It made absolutely no sense for me to buy it, because I didn’t really know how I would style it, have no idea what that print actually is all about and because it wasn’t available in my actual size. But somehow I felt like I needed to get it, even if its size 36 is slightly too big on me and I haven’t figured out how to wear it other than with a plain white shirt, but… I love how the soft fabric floats when walking, I like how it looks cool with sneakers and chique with strappy heels. Basically this skirt makes me really happy! And isn’t that what fashion’s all about? ;-)

Outfit details
Skirt – H&M Trend
Shirt – H&M Trend
sneakers – Adidas
sunnies – Céline
bag – Balenciaga

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