Sponsored Video: #Offie

A 6 o’clock wake-up call, running from one meeting to another, afterschool activities, babysitting or picking up the kids, cleaning the house, working out at the gym … Sometimes it feels that life is just one long to-do list. It is so important to have those little moments of pure bliss, to sit back, relax and really enjoy the moment. Make the most of those special moments with Nescafé and have an #Offie! Whether you lounge back on the couch with your espresso for five minutes in the morning or take a time-out during the day to enjoy a cup of latte macchiato, you’ll see that, sometimes when you take time off, good things start to happen!

Whip up a delicious cup of cappuccino with milk foam or a Latte with a hint of caramel and enjoy your me-time to the fullest. Instead of spending your lunch break taking the perfect selfie, go for an #offie! Press pause on the world around you and take a moment for yourself. You’ll be surprised at what could happen when you do.



This post is sponsored by Nescafe.