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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. A while ago I was contacted by the Alpro team asking me to become part of their cool Alpronista club. Being an Alpronista is all about knowing what you eat, about the perfect balance between healthy and happy. Alpro was already a part of my daily meal routine, ever since I traded in cow milk for the Almond or Hazelnut drinks that Alpro offers. I use it in my morning granola (home-made granola, a splash of almond milk, bananas and some coconut flakes = divine!) and my daily smoothies! They add extra flavour without being too present, and just give your delicious recipes an extra health kick!

Here are some of my favourite fail-proof recipes.


1. Strawberry + blueberry smoothie

Take blender, throw in frozen strawberries and blueberries (I get mine from AH), pour in a cup of Alpro almond milk, add some ice cubes and blend away! If you prefer a big breakfast add a few scoops of Alpro Vanilla, the plant based alternative to yogurt. Some granola to top it off ét voila, breakfast smoothie on the go.

2. Hazelnut Granola

Easy peasy, this granola with hazelnut milk and grapes. Pour some granola into a bowl (or make it yourself, reaaaal easy unless you leave your oven to go watch another episode of Orange is the New Black and come back to an oven full of black-burnt grains!), add as much Alpro hazelnut milk as you want, take some grapes, berries or whatever fruit is in the house, and yummmzz.


3. Yogli to go

When I have literally one minute to prep something for breakfast I turn to this one: Alpro strawberry with rubarb plant-based alternative to yogurt and a scoop of granola or muesli. Pour it all into a take-away cup and enjoy a healthy breakfast on the go!

Okaaay, these recipes might not be real recipes – confession: I suck at cooking! But I looove these breakfast options so much that I sometimes have ’em for lunch or dinner too ;-)

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