Romantic Nights


Little bro and his lady got married last Saturday! It was a lovely day filled with love and laughs, sunshine and warmth, friends and family… The dinner was at this little venue surrounded by fields, and when the sun went down I just had to take some photos of the newlyweds! My only sibling getting married is a big deal, and I was happy to be one of the witnesses – that’s why I spent some serious time searching for the perfect dress. I actually bougth two new dresses, but when the day came, I just felt like wearing this one again. I wore it to two other weddings as well, which is probably a no-go, but whatever, I wanted to feel comfortable and still look the part, and that’s exactly what this dress does. Thanks Asos, you always got me covered with your occassion wear!

Scroll down for some pictures of my outfit, and also a little preview of the brand new husband and wife! :-) Wishing you a life filled with love <3