Shopping: Wedding Season

This weekend is my fourth wedding in under a year – yeahh, you know what I mean ;-) This time it’s up to my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law to tie the knot. A laid back gathering in a summery scenery, I’m guessing it will be a lovely day.

Wedding parties are a lot of fun, but can be quite stressful for guests as well. There’s the dress code, the wedding theme, the duration of the ceremony (are you invited to the ceremony and dinner or just the evening part of it all?)… I was soooo late with thinking about my wardrobe options that I’m now kind of left with nothing but dress stress.

I bought a dress a while back in sale at Zara, but because no-one wants to be that girl in that discounted dress of Zara, and especially not when you’re part of the suite, I opted out. Left without options I ordered a maxi dress at Asos – my go-to destination for partywear! I love their Petite range, and I can always find something to work with. The dress I ordered just came in, and it’s uuhh a little bit more purple/lavender than I’d imagined. It’s also very princess-y and maybe a bit too much for the daytime part.. Oh and it’s also on the small side.. BUT the wedding is in four days and I’m totally without a plan B. Or am I? Should I just wear this dress that I wore 2 times already, or should I count on next-day delivery at ASOS or Zalando and pick out something new? Help me out here ;-)

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