The High Heel Hesitation


Shoe shopping.. Probably my biggest vice when it comes to shopping. When it comes to buying new clothes I’m quite logical in my methods, I think about how this new item will fit in my existing wardrobe, if it woud complement it or not at all, if I have anything similar and what its cost-per-wear is.. With bags I’m even more of a freak, ever since only craving designer bags (thanks LabelCrush!) I contemplate a big purchase for several days, weeks, months even. And as much as I keep those purchases rational, that’s how much I go loco when it comes to footwear options. High heels are on the top of my to-buy list – even though I know very damn well that those suckers don’t stay on for long on the cobblestones of Antwerp. But ahmahgaaaad they’re so pretty!

I have a few block heels that I completely adore and they get quite a lot of wear – when I go out to party or for dinner or drinks I turn to my Ash heels with  sturdy golden block heel, or the interesting Reed Krakoff ones, because I know they keep me going for at least an hour or four. I am aware of this, and yet I keep on falling for those superhigh and superslim heels (auwtsch!), preferably with delicate ties around the foot (double auwtch!). These are two of the most recent pairs that made it into my shoe space.


Strappy high heels from the current River Island collection


Fringe-y heels found in the Zara sale