10 Reasons why LabelCrush is your fave Designer Marketplace

Last weekend I hosted the Bloggers Closet Sale, and for the fourth year in a row it was a succes! So thanks to everyone who came out. We’re planning on organising another sale soon, but in the meantime I’m selling a bunch of stuff on LabelCrush. I donated a lot of gear to charity already, but some things are just too precious to give away. Luckily I know a really good spot for selling designer items and clothes from labels ;-) Disclaimer: I work at LabelCrush, so this post isn’t quite objective, but then again this is a personal blog so nothing really is. I’m listing my 10 favourite features of LabelCrush because I truly enjoy the site and I want to share it with you.

1. Louboutins for 150 euros

Let’s kick off with one of the best reasons why you should visit LabelCrush on the regular: Louboutins, Jimmy Choo’s and other high-end designer names for small prices!

Exhibit A:


These purple sky-high Loubies are for sale for €150. Too good to pass up, right?

Shop here: Louboutin purple heels size 39 – €150

Exhibit B:


Sergio Rossi booties like these retail for +800 euros, so it’s safe to say you’re doing a good thing clicking these into your shopping basket.

Shop here: Sergio Rossi cut-out booties size 39 – €99

2. The best selection of designer bags

I’m not gonna lie: working at LabelCrush requires some serious self-control. The amount of top designer bags is mindboggling, and the deals are really good. If there’s a bag you love but find a bit too high priced you can always contact the seller and try getting a discount. It won’t always work, but it’s worth a shot!

3. Shop celebrity closets

Always fancied venturing into the closet of a famous person? LabelCrush makes it happen: browse through the virtual closets of leading fashion ladies such as Belmodo’s Tiany Kiriloff and Inge Onsea from Essentiel, tv-personalities like Valerie De Booser and Lesley-Ann Poppe, and of course your favourite bloggers: Anna Nooshin, Lima’s Wardrobe and Annabel Pesant to name a few.

4. Chanel Chanel Chanel!

No brand makes a girl’s heart beat faster than Chanel – right? It just so happens that LabelCrush is a really good place to score authentic Chanel pieces. Granted, a lot of things are still on the expensive side, but you can do really awesome deals as well.

Click here to view all Chanel. Try not to drool tho ;-)

LabelCrush chanel

5. Join the community

Another thing I really like about the platform is it’s community aspect. Get in touch with likeminded people, find other women with similar styles and follow their virtual closet. I have a few favourite sellers that I really like, because their prices are good, because they have the same size as me, or because they have as much as a crush on everything Balenciaga as I have.

Sign up for your own account and start following favourite closets.

6. Get to know inspiring women

Every two weeks LabelCrush puts the spotlights onto one inspiring lady. The Girl Crush of the Moment sells her favourite items in her closet, and you can shop her preloved goodies for the best price. Next up: Virginie Morobé, former mastermind behind March23 and currently launching her brand new label Morobé.

Meet all the previous girl crushes here.

7. Sale all year round!

If you are anything like me, you love paying the best price for anything. I literally scour the dark places of the internet to find the best rates for an item. I’m only aloud to visit Net-a-Porter and MyTheresa during the official sales period 2 times a year, but LabelCrush offers even more discounts, 24/7 and all year round! So shopping there kinda means you’re saving money, right? #logic

8. Outlet stores from your favourite shops

Another cool thing on LabelCrush are the outlet shops: real life stores that open up their discounted outlet shop, exclusively on LabelCrush.com for you to browse and shop from! This means brand new Stella McCartney bags, last-seasons Marni jewelry and never-worn Filles à Papa items.

Visit the outlets of Rio Store, Bluepoint, Lewis Store and more here.


9. Cash your Closet

Okay, so now we have come to the best part of the list for any fashion lover. If you like clothes, you probably have a lot of them. Every closet needs a clean-out once in a while, and what better thing to do with your preloved items than give them a new life! Photograph your items, upload them onto LabelCrush and cash it. Pay the one-time-only placement cost and receive 100% of the selling price. Yep, no commission, no percentage to pay, just a whole lot of cash to spend on new items!

10. Exclusive: 1 FREE UPLOAD for you

Let’s end this list with a bang: hopefully I did a pretty good job convincing you of the magic that is LabelCrush ;-) Are you eager to start discovering the platform and open up your own virtual closet? Good, because I have free promo codes for you all! Just enter the code DOGSANDDRESSES1 at check-out and test out the platform for free.

Do you have experience selling clothes online?
What are your thoughts on secondhand designer items?

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