Today i’m talking you through the little everyday things I do to relax, wind down and recharge. The things that make up #MyRituals.

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Life is more than busy and juggling a full-time job, a brand new puppy plus running my own business tends to take its toll on my personal time. Mornings are short and hectic, evenings often spend behind my desk or with my laptop on the couch. Me-time is the first thing to go when life gets hectic, and that’s a shame. I find it really important to sit down and relax, either by visiting a spa centre or doing a great workout. Those things take time, so I am trying to incorporate more small relaxation methods into my everyday life. Recharge within minutes, where and when you want it.

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3 ways to relax

  • A group class at the gym

Pilates, yoga or even a tough boxing class: working out is a great way to release stress and recharge mind and body. Replenish your body with a good cup of soothing tea afterwards, like the Emperor’s dream with jasmine extracts.

  • Hot shower + fresh sheets

I love a hot shower with the Rituals Mandi Lulur shower foam – the frangipani and rice milk smell so good that I’m instantly more relaxed. I then sooth my skin with the Mandi Lulur shimmer body cream. Fresh sheets, cosy soulwear and an early night in do wonders for my soul. I like to use the Yin bed and body mist to create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom. Cosy up in soft homewear, like the Luna ‘cloud’ sweater, the Chakra tank, Hapiness leggings and Jade wool hat.

  • The Rituals App

A great way of relaxing is the Rituals app that I recently discovered. Download it onto your phone for free and enjoy exclusive content, created especially to relax and recharge. My favourite is the meditation option, which focusses on either the relaxation of the mind, the body or encourages you to enjoy the moment. Select which option you want, set the timer to fit your life and submerge for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes into an oasis of pure relaxation bliss. A soft voice will guide you through the meditation, explaining carefully what you need to do to get the most out of your precious meditation moment. I use the meditation of the mind for 10 minutes before going to bed, and it really helps me clear my mind and focus on my breathing. I sleep like a baby afterwards. The meditation also works during the day, when you have 5 minutes between meetings, when you’re stuck in traffic or when you just need a little break.

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Join the #MyRituals contest and win your blissful relaxation moment.

Post your favourite me-time moment and hashtag it with #MyRItuals to win the ultimate relaxation set containing soft soulwear and Rituals products worth min. €150. All content on #myrituals posted via Instragram is valid for the contest so get snappin! Each week on Friday at 3 pm., 4 fans will be randomly chosen.

Contest ends on Friday 25 of September 2015.

All specific terms and conditions can be found on rituals.com/app of rituals.com/myrituals during the campaign.

Download the RITUALS app here and visit the app landing page for more information.

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This post was created in collaboration with Rituals.

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