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Redken Shades EQ Gloss + Give-Away!

My hair was in dire need of a colour fix, so when Redken kindly offered to let me test their brand new range of hair colour, I eagerly said yes! My hair is kinda important to me (read: I secretly want to take a life insurance on my locks), so I tend to be picky when it comes to new products, new colorings and new hairdressers. Luckily I know that Redken only works with the best of the best – I semi-exclusively use Redken products on my hair, especially when it comes to hair care and nourishment. My bathroom is packed with their colorful shampoo bottles and hair masks. Things used to be different before, but ever since trusting exclusively on Redken products, my hair’s happier than ever.

Me admiring my Redken Shades EQ hairdo + my Instagram pictures on the mirror ;-)

Me admiring my Redken Shades EQ hairdo + my Instagram pictures on the mirror ;-)

We introduced my locks to the brand new Redken way of coloring, which goes by the name of Shades EQ Gloss. Shades EQ Gloss is the professional salon industry’s leading demi-permanent, no-ammonia haircolor. It functions as a conditioner, nourishing your hair to the bone, giving it new life and an amazing shiny finish.

I sat down, tilted back my head and emerged a few moments later with hair more shiny than ever! I asked the hair expert to fix up my roots and give my lengths some of their warmth back. Ever since going for highlights my hair got lighter and lighter with every visit to the salon, and my locks were a tad too blonde about now. So the Redken Shades EQ Gloss fixed that problem, making my lengths a few shades darker and warmer again. Love it! The colour fades naturally – it’s been a month and my hair is still looking radiant and feeling soft and shiny.



Keep an eye out on my Instagram page to find out how you can win a royal hair treatment and test out the magic that is Redken Shades EQ Gloss at a salon of your choice. Buuuut since you are here now, I might as well do an extra give-away! Want to win a set of my fave shampoo + hair mask? Yes you do!

Leave a comment below revealing your favourite hair style, and we will randomly pick three winners! Contest ends on  Monday 5/10.