Genaissance De La Mer

In a lone episode of “Elien talks Beauty”, I’m reviewing Genaissance De La Mer, a brand new product of iconic skincare brand La Mer. The serum essence: revealed. Have a read!


As little as I am a beauty geek, that is how much I get excited about skin care – I’m an avid believer of working towards a healthy base instead of piling on the make-up. I guess I am lucky enough to be blessed with happy healthy skin, but I still love to treat myself to a rich cream or exuberant facial mask, especially come winter time. My skin suffers from dehydration quickly, plus all those holiday parties equalling late night boozing + sleeping in your make-up don’t exactly do my face any favors. Ring the alarm and nourish you and your skin with a luxurious treatment such as the serum essence of Genaissance De La Mer.

Genaissance de La Mer product review

Let’s get the pink elephant out of the room: this product is very expensive. I’m not even talking about once-in-a-little-while expensive, no I’m talking about once-in-a-lifetime expensive. Retailing at 530 euros for 30ml, this isn’t the sort of product you buy just for the fun of it (unless you just won the lottery, in that case, good for you). I am currently trying out a sample of 5ml, and I can already guarantee the full size bottle will last a long time. I only need a tiny amount of product to cover my face. But what exactly am I covering myself with? Let’s break it down.

The magic of Genaissance De La Mer is in its exclusive composition: the pure, potent, highly concentrated Crystal Miracle Broth™ claims to be the brand’s most accelerated renewal to date. Think of it as La Mer with superpowers, the regular La Mer on speed. The serum is composed out of a very pure concentration of the beloved Crystal Miracle Broth™, leaving skin visibly reborn: it is more even, luminous and refined so that rejuvenation becomes a reality. It has anti-aging qualities and it is recommended to begin using in your late twenties. Guess that’s where I am in life right about now.

Genaissance de La Mer product review on dogsanddresses

I have been using the product for two weeks now, applying it in the morning and evening before my day or night cream. My skin feels soft and more fresh, even though it has been a very busy period. I’m really looking forward to what longer use of the Genaissance De La Mer will do for me and my skin, and I’ll surely keep you posted. I am still using the La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel that I blogged about before, so I guess I’m slowly but surely becoming a fan of the brand. Sorry wallet.

What do you think of the latest La Mer product?
Would you buy it if you had the chance?

Genaissance De La Mer The Serum Essence is now available for a limited time only, 530 euro for 30ml.